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Radico Hair Color Cream italiano - Black(1)


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Radico Italiano “Henna & Herbs” Hair color cream contains natural herbs such as henna, amla, brahmi, shikakai, sesamum oil etc., which produce a particularly gentle coloration and very natural color results.

Our hair color cream is first of its kind and unique hair color cream in world,  which contains henna and herbs, These herbs, not only give protection to hair but its effect lasts, also after the colouring. Hair, even if frail or with permanent wave, will turn out bright and beautiful, colouring after colouring. The obtained color is deep, intense and long lasting.

HENNA – AS MAJOR INGREDIENT - It is used for conditioning hair naturally, and is a powerful antidandruff agent. It is a self preservative and has antibacterial properties. It conditions hair and make them bouncy and lustrous.

AMLA - Its active substance properties are used for blackening of hair, hair loss, hair care, skin toner astringent. Amla is a rich source of vitamin C.

SHIKAKAI - As a tonic for hair and scalp, it prevents hair loss by circulation, stimulation and with its nutritive tonic effects and hair darkening properties.

BRAHMI - It is useful skin tonic and a stimulatory. It is effective for its protective stimulatory and astringent property to promote healthy scalp, conditions and to prevent loss of hair. It gives coolness to brain and body.

A perfect color result in two steps:

(i) Coloring: Radico Herbal Hair Color Creams are applied evenly with a dye brush, strand by strand, starting at the hairline and then spreading the color along the length of each strand. Depending on how strong the color should be, the Color Creams ought to be left in the hair for 30 minutes. Finally the hair is rinsed with plenty of water.

(ii) After Coloring: For your hair's color maintenance we recommend Radico Italiano Color Conditioner Shampoo instead of shampoo. This special conditioner intensifies and underlines the color and brilliance of your hair. Applied immediately after coloring, this Color Conditioner encapsulates the herbal coloring like an invisible film and ensures long-lasting brilliant colors.

Radico Italiano Hair Color Cream : USP 

Herbal & Natural

Ammonia Free

Can be used by both men & women

World class, value for money product

Safe & Healthy

It is better than any 100% chemical based hair color.

Hypersensitivity test As some people may be allergic to these preparations, we suggest to do hypersensitivity test 24 hrs before each application. To do the test, clean a small area of skin behind ear using soap and water and then apply a small quantity of paste. Allow it to dry and wash it after 24 hrs. If no irritation, itching, swelling or inflammation is experienced, it may assume no hypersensitivity to the colorant exists.

Packaging:  It is available in a ready to use pack containing – 60ml hair color cream, 60ml developer, 10ml conditioning shampoo, 1 pair of gloves, instruction leaflet.

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