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Our Story

Established in the year 1992, We at Radico are involved in setting new benchmarks in the field of Organic cosmetics. We specialise in Natural and organic hair colours. Radico is only company in world totally focussed and dedicated to Organic hair colours. Radico is an indian based medium size multinational company corporate office and factories in India and distribution Warehouse and international office in Torrance, Los Angeles, California USA and Bucharest Romania in Europe.
Radico believe in creating unique high quality Natural Hair colours based on continuous research, experiments and Ayurveda. Continuous efforts are made in order to attain highest possible quality consistency in Natural products, which is very difficult task as Mother Nature is not in our control.
Our Certified Organic Hair Colours are 100% Natural , made of organic herbs only, contain no synthetic chemicals at all, hence safe & healthy do not have any side effect . It is a boon for those who are allergic to chemicals, It not only colour hair safely but also extend hair treatment properties- make hair soft, silky and shiny too.
It is the first single step 100% Natural Hair Colour in world to get organic certification by ECO-CERT, a France based world's best organic certifying company
Our products have received an excellent response from global market as well Indian market too.
In India and other parts of world most of the hair colour users are allergic to chemicals. Main ingredients in chemical based hair colours causing allergy and side effects are chemicals like -PPD, PAP, AMMONIA, RESORCINOL.etc
And our organic hair colours are totally free from any chemicals and contain only organic herbs Now our focus is on developing more 100% Natural and certified organic cosmetics, for the safety and health of society , it is a demand of present and future. We believe that " Organic is real Natural"