Organic Approach To Treat Dandruff

Introduction Are you seeing more dandruff lately? It’s showing up on your work desk, in your favorite book, on your shoulders, and wherever you go. No surprises, it’s a common scalp condition, and it’s all happening in your head. Dandruff typically appears during the monsoon & winter season when the scalp flakes off due to […]

Beware of Fake Henna Products! Not Everything Labeled as “Henna” is Genuine.

Henna that comes from a plant is harmless and mild. Since ancient times, it has been utilized both medically and cosmetically. However, it is also highly perishable and preparation takes skill and time. Unfortunately, some businesses add harmful substances to avoid this issue. These have damaged internal organs and resulted in burns, scarring, They have […]

Hair Colour Without Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Hair Colour Without Cancer-Causing Chemicals is a topic that has been gaining popularity in recent years due to the health concerns associated with traditional hair dyes. Most hair dyes contain chemicals such as ammonia, peroxide, and para-phenylenediamine (PPD) that have been linked to cancer and other health issues. Fortunately, there are now safer alternatives available. […]

The Science Behind Scalp Folliculitis: Why Chemical Hair Colour is the Culprit

Before going to the scientific reason behind folliculitis in the scalp, we first understand what folliculitis is. Folliculitis is a typical skin condition that happens when hair follicles become inflamed and is usually caused by bacteria or infection. At first, small pimples may be around the tiny bumps where each hair grows, called hair follicles. […]


Grey hair is a natural sign of aging, but it is becoming more common for people to develop grey hair at a young age, known as premature grey hair. Various factors, including genetics, stress, poor nutrition, and medical conditions, can cause premature grey hair. This blog will discuss the causes, prevention, and remedy of premature […]

10 Mistakes Hair Experts Want You To Stop Making

Hair problem is a consistent subject that needs immediate attention to ensure people won’t have to worry much about their hair’s health, loss of hair, distorted texture, and many more. Recently, US Census and Simmons National Consumer Survey revealed that the number of people using different chemical hair products is likely to grow to 12.94 […]

What to Keep in Mind Before Getting Your Hair Colored?

From having natural colors like Burgundy, copper red, light brown, or dark brown to unique shades like dark lavender, brownish grey, and many more, there are tons of options available in hand. Therefore, choosing the best shade according to your hairstyle, facial structure, and skin tone is not so easy. Besides, you can even struggle […]

Look Good, Feel Good: How to Use Organic Natural Hair Color and Herbs for Maximum Benefits

Introduction So, you’re thinking of going natural? Good for you! There are many reasons to make the switch, and we’re not just talking about how it makes your hair look and feel. When you go natural, you’re not only taking care of your hair, but you’re also taking care of your body and the environment. […]

The relation between Organic hair color and scalp health.

Introduction You’ve decided to switch to organic hair dye. Congratulations! Making the switch to organic hair dye is a great way to improve your scalp health and overall hair quality. But before you can enjoy the benefits of organic hair dye, you need to make changes to your routine. This article will discuss how to […]

The link between hair color dyes and pregnancy.

When pregnant, it seems like every little thing you do might harm your baby. You’re constantly bombarded with warnings and advice from friends, family, and the internet. It’s no wonder many pregnant ladies are apprehensive about using chemicals – even if they’re harmless. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind pregnant ladies’ apprehension over […]